Wednesday, August 30, 2023

30 August - The HMS Pandora sank in 1791


The HMS Pandora, a British Royal Navy ship, did indeed sink after running aground on the outer Great Barrier Reef on August 29, 1791. The ship was sent on a mission to capture the mutineers from the famous HMS Bounty, who had taken control of the ship and sailed it to Tahiti.

After capturing some of the mutineers, the HMS Pandora continued its journey but encountered treacherous waters and strong currents on the outer Great Barrier Reef. The ship struck a reef and began to take on water. Despite efforts to save the ship, it eventually sank on August 30, 1791. The incident resulted in the loss of several crew members, including some of the captured mutineers, as well as a significant amount of valuable cargo.

The wreck of the HMS Pandora was discovered in the late 20th century, and it has since become an important historical and archaeological site. The shipwreck provides insights into maritime history and the events surrounding the famous mutiny on the HMS Bounty.

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