Friday, July 30, 2010

India - Scott #43 A24 - 4a6p green - Queen Victoria -Rangoon Cancel

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Those who are closely following my blog may be wondering why i have put up the above stamp in the blog since nothing to do with ships . 

I have published this article since i also collect British commonwealth countries stamps too apart from ship stamps.

Also i thought of sharing the information behind the stamp which was provided to me by Mr Sark from England.

The stamp featured is of India Queen Victoria Four anna Six pence with a Rangoon cancel.

Information :

The postmark is RANGOON CANTT Squared circle.It is recorded used between 31-10-1889 and 31-10-1894. The second T in CANTT is smaller than the other letters and has two full stops horizontally next to each other below the letter, hence why it looks a little like an "I". CANTT is short for Cantonment. This office was sanctioned 16 Sept 1869 and closed in 1942. Re-opened after the war on 1 Dec 1945.

The mark has ref number KD6 in Ted Proud's excellent book on BURMA Postal History. This is one of a series of one country books on postal history.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Falkland Islands Dependencies - 1954 - HMAS Wyatt Earp

The stamp features the HMAS Wyatt Earp(formerly known as FV Fanefjord, Wyatt Earp, and HMAS Wongala).It was a motor vessel commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from 1939 to 1945 and again from 1947 to 1948.

Built originally as a fishing boat named FANEFJORD. Used for fishing and sealing. Purchased by Sir Hubert Wilkins for Lincoln Ellsworth who renamed her WYATT EARP. Used by him for Antarctic exploration. Sold to the Australian government and renamed WONGALA. A later change of ownership had her called Natone, and under this name she plied the east Australian coast until wrecked in a storm near Double Island Point, Queensland, on the night of 23-24 January 1959.

Source : wiki and atlantic cable

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PayPal Stops Electronic Withdrawal Facility for Indian citizens

Cheque withdrawal of funds remains the only option left for Indian citizens

Please note that there will be a change in paypal withdrawal functionality in India starting August 1, 2010.
At present, India users may continue to request for both an electronic and cheque withdrawal of funds from their PayPal account in India. 

From July 29, 2010 onwards, India users will only be able to request for a cheque withdrawal of funds. To help our users with this change, PayPal will refund the $5 USD cheque withdrawal fee for cheque requests made on July 29, 2010 onwards.

Please let me know what you think of this new change in Paypal.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

North Korea Repatriation stamps

North Korea issued  a stamp on 16th December 2004 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Repatriation of Korean Nationals returning from Japan.

The first of over 90,000 Korean nationals living in Japan returned on 16th December 1959 on a ship named Mangyongbong, which is featured on the stamp.

A special miniature sheet will also be released depicting President Kim II Sung welcoming the first of the returned Korean citizens.

Monday, July 26, 2010

India - Commissioning of the ship MAGAR - Special Cover

Along with the INS Brahmaputra special cover i received a special cover which was released on the occasion of commissioning of the ship MAGAR on 15 July 1987 from Mr. Sekhar Chakrabarti.

The Magar class ships are amphibious warfare vessels of the Indian Navy, currently in active service. Only two ships of the class were designed and built by Hindustan Shipyard Limited, with fitting completed at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers.

The ships are stationed at the naval base in Vishakapatnam on India's east coast.

It can operate two medium-lift helicopters, which are primarily meant for "inserting" a small team of Special Forces (marine commandos). To discharge its cargo and most of the troops, it needs to be "beached" through its 'bow-door' (in the front). 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Argentine - 200th Anniversary of the Argentine Naval Command

The Argentine Post issued a postage stamp on 29th May 2010 commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Argentinean Coast Guard. The stamps depict the patrol craft BUENOS AIRES CG-72 and a Puma helicopter in a joint operation at sea off the coast of Argentine, saving the crew from a liferaft.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The highest post office in the world

Hikkim branch post office in Lahaul and Sprite district, Himachal Pradesh has the distinction of having the Highest Post Office in the world. Its a small village at an approximate height of 15,000 feet and was opened on 5 Nov1983.

The pin code for this post office is 172114. Hikkim has population of around 600. There is a motorable road till Hikkim. The nearest main post office is at Kaza, located 25 kms away. Around 50 people have a savings account in the Hikkim post office. The post office handles around 15-20 letters everyday.

The second and third places are Mount Fuji with 12290 feet and Jungfraujoch with 11333 feet.

PS:Note the image displayed is from Google images,not sure about the authenticity.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Monaco Post issued a new stamp to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Maritime Police on 1st July 2010.

The Maritime and Airport Police Division (D.P.M.A.- Division de Police Maritime et Aéroportuaire) was created by Sovereign Order of 16 August 1960, which transferred to the Director of the Monaco Police Department the maritime police powers that were, until then, vested in the Director of the Ports and Marine Service. The D.P.M.A. today has about forty civil servants. The stamp illustrates the vessels successively assigned to the Division: the launch “Grace Patricia”, in service from 1961 to 1970, and the current launch “Vigilante” of 18 metres in length.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

German - Stamps in honor of German rock musician Udo Lindenberg

Stamps in honor of German rock musician Udo Lindenberg 

German Post has issued a series of stamps in honor of the famous German musician Udo Lindenberg and his two songs "Andrea Doria" and "Special train to Pankow".

Udo Lindenberg was born in 1946 in Westphalia, Gronau. Lindenberg writes German rock music texts and in 1959 he assembles his first band.
In the first year of his international breakthrough with the single "All clear on the Andrea Doria" Lindenberg creates parallels to life on a sinking luxury liner. 

SS Andrea Doria was an ocean liner for the Italian Line, most famous for its sinking in 1956, when 46 people died. Named after the 16th-century Genoese  admiral Andrea Doria, the ship had a gross register tonnage of 29,100 and a capacity of about 1,200 passengers and 500 crew. For a country attempting to rebuild its economy and reputation after World War II, Andrea Doria was an icon of Italian national pride. Of all Italy's ships at the time, Andrea Doria was the largest, fastest and supposedly safest. Launched on 16 June 1951, the ship undertook its maiden voyage on 14 January 1953.

On 25 July 1956, approaching the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, bound for New York City, Andrea Doria collided with the east-bound MS Stockholm of the Swedish American Line in what became one of history's most infamous maritime disasters.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

India - INS Brahmaputra -Special Cover

Recently received the INS Brahmaputra the special cover which was released on the occasion of commissioning of the ship at Calcutta, the first Indian Naval ship of the millennium.

The wonderful special cover and the cancellation were designed by Sekhar Chakrabarti when he was in service with Garden Reach Shipbuilders Engineers Ltd. a CPSU under the Ministry of Defence.Thanks to Mr. Sekhar Chakrabarti for sending the special cover.

This cover is also special in a way since it bears the autograph of Captain Pradeep Chauhan, Commanding Officer of INS Brahmaputra at time of commissioning.

Commissioned into Indian Naval service on 14 April 2000, she is the first of the Brahmaputra Class of guided-missile frigates.

The Brahmaputra is the second ship of the Indian Navy named for the River Brahmaputra. The first vessel of the name was a Type 41, Leopard class frigate that was commissioned in 1958. The symbol of the INS Brahmaputra is 'The Raging Rhino', for the one-horned rhino native to the Brahamaputra valley

INS Brahmaputra is the lead ship of her class of guided missile frigates of the Indian Navy. She was built at the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE), Kolkatta.

The design and construction of the ship is entirely Indian, and is a modification of the Godavari class of frigates. It is fitted with an array of modern sensor suites and matching weapon systems.

Information related to the stamp on the special cover:

The brahmaputra cover is affixed with Capt Mulla's stamp, only naval officer to appear on stamp.Capt. Mulla, MVC made a supreme sacrifice and went down with his ship INS Khukri in 1971 war with Pakistan .INS Khukri was a British Blackwood class Frigate.

Information related to stamp provided by  Mr.Sekhar Chakrabarti.

Thanks Shekharji for all the inputs .Appreciate you in depth knowledge.

Do visit the blogs of Mr.Sekhar Chakrabarti .You will find a whole lot of information :

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Belarus - Sport sailboats

Title: Sport sailboats
Date of Issue: 28 June 2010
Country: Belarus
Denominations: 920 BYR, 1420 BYR
Designer: Yevgeni Simonenko.  
Printing: offset. 
Colour: full colour. 
Paper: chalk-surfaced, gummed.  
Perforation: comb 141/4: 14. 
Size of the stamp: 28x40 mm.  

The Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Belarus issued a set of two stamps from the series “Sport sailboats”.

There is the sport classification of sailboats dividing them into classes. It is necessary for providing equal conditions in racing. National “Luch” Class sailboat is a sport single-handed sailing schvertboat. It is a copy of the International “Lazer” Class sailboat. A small single-handed schvertboat “Optimist” is designed for sailing by children.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

India - I.N.S DELHI

Issue Date: 15.11.1998
INS Delhi is the lead ship of her class of guided-missile destroyers of the Indian Navy. She was built at the Mazagon Dock Limited in Mumbai and commissioned on 15 November 1997. This class is among the largest warships to be designed and built in India.
INS Delhi is the second vessel of the Indian Navy to bear the name. She inherits the mantle from the Leander class cruiser of the same name, which had an illustrious career in the Portuguese-Indian War of 1961, during the liberation of Goa, Daman and Diu.

 **If anybody has spare stamp,will be interested in exchange**