Saturday, January 14, 2023

TS Stefan Batory- Polish Ocean Lines (SS Maasdam)


The TS Stefan Batory was a gas-powered steam turbine driven ocean liner built in Holland in 1952 under the name of SS Maasdam, initially used to service the Dutch East Indies by the Holland America Line. Tonnage: 15,024 BRT; Length: 153.4 m (503 ft); Width: 21.0 m (69 ft); Height: 21.0 m (69 ft).; Speed: 16.5 knots; Passengers: 39 1st class, 734 tourist class; Crew: 336. She was bought from Holland in 1968 and began service as a Polish ocean liner in April 1969, renamed after a king of Poland, Stefan Batory (1533-1586). After TS Stefan Batory was refitted she became the flagship of the Polish Ocean Lines, and she remained in service until 1988. She was the last regularly scheduled transatlantic liner. Here is an image of a stamp depicting the Stefan Batory, issued by Poland on January 30, 1971.

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