Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Issue- German steamers on stamps

This set issued on the 12th of August 2010 by German Post and dedicated to steamers proceeds the special series of stamps "for the youth to flow" by the Foundation for German youth. This Foundation promotes youth welfare and national youth education.
The stamps are dedicated to the four famous German steamers.

The DEUTSCHLAND made a voyage from Cuxhaven to New York in 1900, crossing the North Atlantic.

The IMPERATOR was the largest ship in the world in 1914. After the First World War it was steaming under British Flag from Southampton to New York.

The ALLER was one of the steamers of the River-class and was used in the North Atlantic circulation. It was the first steel vessel of a Bremen shipping company.

The COLUMBUS was completed in 1923 and ran in 1924 from Bremerhaven to New York. The 32,354-ton passenger ship quickly gained an excellent reputation. The Columbus was used as a cruise ship in the North Atlantic.