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Denomination :Rs 5
 Design: K. Singh
Stamps Printed : 0.8 Million 
Miniature Sheet Quantity: 0.05 millions
Date of Issue :25-04-2004
Theme: Armed Forces
 The name Tarangini comes from the Hindi word 'Tarang' meaning waves. She is the only Sail Training ship of the Indian Navy. She is termed as a three-masted Barque in sailing parlance i.e. square rigged on the Fore and Main masts and fore and aft rigged on Mizzen mast. The ship has been designed by Mr. Colin Muddie, a famous Naval Architect and yacht designer of U.K. and built by Goa Shipyard Ltd.  Reputed firms from U.K  have supplied the sailing rig.   INS Tarangini was commissioned on 11 Nov 1997, and is primarily meant for the sail training of cadets. She also conducts sail training capsules for cadets of the National Defence Academy, Naval Academy and INS Shivaji, the training establishment for technical cadets.
A sailing ship is the natural training ground for naval personnel and sail training provides an excellent platform for basic seamanship. It teaches initiative and how to use it to the best advantage. The main value of sail training in this modern machine age lies in its unique ability to foster the somewhat old-fashioned character virtues of courage, comradeship and endurance.
          Sail training ships are increasingly being used as basic seamanship and character building platforms by navies the world over. Sailing platforms provide an ideal setting to provide first hand experience of the vagaries at sea to cadets embarking on a naval career. All sailing manoeuvres require experience of the basic elements of marine environment viz wind and weather. They also need nicety of judgement and that indefinable quality of Sea Sense, which a sailing ship demands. The principal qualification for command or any other position of responsibility at sea requires strength of character and a good deal of Sea Sense. Sail training imparts all these virtues.
         Tarangini is built for long voyages. She carries eighteen sails with a sail area of almost 1000 sq m. The ship has very high endurance and can be deployed at sea continuously for a period of over twenty days. She has a complement of six officers and twenty-seven men as permanent crew and can accommodate and impart sail training to 30 cadets. 

INS Tarangini started its first circumnavigation of the globe in the year 2003-04 with the theme of ‘Building Bridges of Friendship across the Oceans’.During the fifteen month voyage, the ship covered 33,000 nautical miles (61,000 km) and visited 36 ports in 18 countries. The ship was received by the President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

On 10 January 2007, INS Tarangini started for another overseas voyage of ten month duration named Lokayan 07. In all the Tarangini will be calling on 23 ports in 16 countries on this voyage. The ship departed Kochi on 10 January 2007 and transited through the Suez Canal to reach the Atlantic Coast of North America. The ship participated in a series of Tall Ship events such as The World Peace Cup, Maritime Festival of Charleston, Sail Virginia, Sail Rhode Island and Sail Boston and returned to port on October 2007 after covering 22,000 nautical miles.

Source :Wiki,Indian navy 

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