Sunday, June 13, 2010

India- Definitive Series Expensive Stamps - Interesting Facts

Again something new on ship stamps blog, going onwards will be sharing with you all some interesting facts on stamps..

In India the highest denomination of Definitive Stamp is Rs.50/-.

The wind energy stamp was issued on November 15, 1986, in the seventh definitive series after independence, for ordinary and regular use.

In the eighth definitive series, the other stamp with a pair of Paradise fly-catchers ,was issued on October 30, 2000, replacing the windmill stamp.


rahul said...


lucky for me when i went to the GPO
of hyderabad to ask for some recent issued sheets of shekawati painting and urs dargah i found one sheet of 1986 wind power 50rs stamp full sheet.
upon seeing that i grabed the whole sheet and put it in my collection.


happy collecting

prashant said...

Hey thats great ...
Happy collecting :)

rahul said...


please add one more rukmini devi arundale definitive stamp of rs 50
and also please check in the below link a stamp of 50 rs written passport fee can you tell me the year of issue also add this on this page.

thank you