Thursday, April 9, 2020

Don't Talk About Ship - South Africa Cover Durban Wave cancellation

Acquired the World war 2nd period South Africa Cover 1942  slogan cancellation on Ship  "Don't Talk About Ship" in 2 different language English and Afrikaans with a Durban wave cancellation.

The English slogan -  Don't Talk About Ship

The Afrikaans slogan - The full slogan should read “Moenie klets oor skepe nie” or “Don’t chat about ships”.

The exact translation from the English slogan would have been “Moenie praat oor skepe nie”. (Thanks Antonio Luis for providing the slogan details)

Slogans such as "Don't Talk About Ship", " Loose lips sink ships ", "Careless Talk Costs Lives" where used during the World War II .

Check below the slogans used on Posters during the World War II.



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