Tuesday, April 20, 2010

India - INS Shardul FDC

This Special cover was issued on 05 Jan 2007, when INS Shardul, a landing warship, was dedicated to the nation at an event at the Karwar Naval Base, INS Kadamba.

INS Shardul is an important auxiliary warship capable of transporting different kinds of combat equipment. It can carry 11 armoured tanks, 10 Army vehicles and 500 troops besides the crew.
Shardul stands for the Royal Bengal Tiger, symbolising agility, strength and valour. The motto of INS Shardul is `All for one, One for all.' It is the first ship to be commissioned at the Karwar Naval Base. The warship got its name from an earlier warship of the same class that was decommissioned in 1997. 

The ship has expansive accommodation and storage, lift facility, ability to operate in shallow waters and beaching capability. It can act as a hospital ship and a modified fleet tanker for stern fuelling during a limited mission. 


DisplacementFull - 5600
Length 124.5 m
Beam 17.5 m
Draft 4 m
Speed 15.8 kts / +16 knots
Armament 4 x 40 mm Bofors
2 multi barrel rocket launchers
Aircraft 1 x Sea King 42C (Platform for 2)
Crew16 (Officers)
120 (Enlisted)
Capacity 11 main battle tanks
500 troops

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