Monday, April 19, 2010

Argentina- FDC of South American Sails 2010

This FDC was issued on 20 Feb 2010 celebrating “South American Sails 2010”,An International Fixture Regatta for the Greatest Sailing Ships.

“Sails of South America 2010” has brought together magnificent sailing ships, among them frigates, schooners and brigs from various countries of the Americas and Europe to participate in the Bicentennial Regatta.

The event is organized by the navies from Argentina and Chile to celebrate the bicentennial of the first national governing board during the struggle of South American countries to break away from the then Spanish colonial empire.

The unique challenge has gathered thousands of navigators in the most important ports of the region, sailing emblematic places for the mariners of all times, like the circumnavigation of the mythical “Cape Horn”.

I recently acquired this from Ganesh of Chennai.

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