Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Our blog featured on Top 60 Stamp Collecting Blogs And Websites for Philatelists

Recently my blog was judged as the one of the 60 best blogs on stamp collecting. Its a privilege to be a part of the top 60 blogs.

The blog was ranked based on following criteria: 

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Special Cover on 50 Years of INS Jeevanti

Recently acquired the Special cover on INS Jeevanti.

India Post, Maharshtra Postal Circle released a Special cover on 15th April 2016  on the momentous occasion of INHS Jeevanti's 50 Glorious Years of service to the nation which is an Indian Naval Hospital Ship in Patient Care at AP Dabolim.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Maldive Islands Marie Celeste - Mysteries of the universe

The 1992 Maldive Islands Marie Celeste - Abandoned Ship souvenir sheet (Scott #1772) MINT NEVER HINGED. This souvenir sheet was issued by the Maldive Islands in recognition of the great mystery of the Marie Celeste ship. In December of 1872 the Marie Celeste was found drifting off the coast of the Azores. The ship was abandoned, yet there was no hint of trouble in the log book, the cargo was safely stowed, and the galley and quarters were in order. For over a century the fate of the captain and crew of the Marie Celeste has been an intriguing mystery.
This sheet is on the way to be a part of my collection..

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Commissioning of INS Chennai 15A stealth destroyer India 21 November 2016

INS Chennai (D65) is the third ship of the Kolkata-class stealth guided missile destroyers of the Indian Navy. She was constructed at Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) located in Mumbai. INS Chennai is the last of the three ships built under the code name Project 15A.

She was laid down in February 2006, and was launched on 2 April 2010 by the then Defence Minister Shri AK Antony's wife Smt Elizabeth Antony amidst chanting of Vedic hymns at a function in Mumbai, and is commissioned on 21 November 2016 by the Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.INS Chennai is the first naval ship named after Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu.

The indigenously designed ship will have state of the art weapons and sensors, stealth features, an advanced action information system, a comprehensive auxiliary control system, world class modular living spaces, sophisticated power distribution system and a host of other advanced features.

INS Chennai will be fitted with the supersonic BrahMos surface-to-surface missile system. The system enables the ship to engage shore-based and naval surface targets at long range making it a lethal platform for strike against enemy targets. The ship's air defence capability, designed to counter the threat of enemy aircraft and anti-ship cruise missiles, will revolve around the vertical launch, long range surface-to-air missile system, which is being co-developed by DRDO. Four AK-630 rapid-fire guns will provide the ship with close-in-defense capability while an MR gun will enable her to provide effective naval gunfire support. Indigenous developed twin tube torpedo launchers and rocket launchers will add punch to the ship's anti-submarine capability. Indeed, these ships integrate many new features and involve design changes that ensure a far more advanced weapons platforms compared to the earlier Project 15 ships

The uniqueness of the special cover is that it has a combo stamp one of the International Fleet Review 2016 and also INS Niligari

Source: Wiki

Friday, March 10, 2017



The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited is the oldest continuously operating passenger shipping company in the world, celebrating its 180th anniversary in 2010.
The company provides freight, passenger and vehicle services between the Isle of Man Sea Terminal, in Douglas, Isle of Man, and five ports in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

ISSUED   05/10/1982

The ship on the FDC is Mona I and Manx Maid II

Mona I:

SS (RMS) Mona (I) - the first vessel in the Company's history to be so named - was a wooden paddle steamer which was operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. No Official number is recorded for the vessel, as formal registration was not introduced until the Merchant Shipping Act 1854..

Mona was the second vessel which entered service with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. She was hurriedly ordered for the winter service in place of the larger Mona's Isle, which was soon considered too valuable to risk in storm conditions. Mona initially started on the Company's service to Whitehaven, and then commenced winter service to Liverpool in October 1832.
courtesy :Mona I

Manx Maid II: 

TSS (RMS) Manx Maid (II) was built by Cammell Laird at Birkenhead in 1962, and was the second ship in the Company's history to bear the name.

Tonnage 2724; length 325'; beam 50'; depth 18'; speed 21 knots; bhp 9,500. Construction costs were £1,087,000,the first vessel of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company to cost over one million pounds. Manx Maid was launched by Mrs. A. Alexander at Birkenhead, on Tuesday 23 January 1962.

Manx Maid was a great success and was of major importance in the history of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, as she was the first vessel to be designed as a car ferry; she had the capacity for up to 90 cars and light commercial vans.

courtesy :Manx Maid II

Thursday, June 4, 2015

GIBRALTAR 2008 Lord Nelson 250th Birth Anniversary "Ships" Complete Set

Gibraltar celebrated the 250th anniversary of the birth of Horatio Nelson in 2008 ,with an issue of 6 stamps, a miniature sheet, 6 sheetlets and the flagship limited edition (1,000 copies) special folder containing the complete set.

Horatio Nelson was born on 29 September 1758 in a rectory in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, England, the sixth of eleven children of the Reverend

Edmund Nelson and Catherine Nelson. His mother, who died when he was nine, was a grandniece of Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Oxford, the de facto first prime minister of the British Parliament. It was at Beccles church, Suffolk in 1749 that Catherine Suckling from the nearby village of Barsham, Suffolk married the Reverend Edmund Nelson.

Technical Specs

Design:Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography:John Batchelor
Printer:BDT International, Ireland
Process:Offset Lithography
Colours:4 cols.
Stamp size:30 x 40mm
Issue date:2008-03-15
Stamp Values:40p, 40p, 42p, 42p, 49p, 49p

Saturday, January 17, 2015

V. O. Chidambaram Pillai - Birth place cancellation FDC

I recently acquired this wonderful cover of V. O. Chidambaram Pillai, the unique thing of this first day cover is that it has the cancellation of V. O. Chidambaram Pillai birth place and hence makes it unique.

The Indian Posts & Telegraphs department of India issued a special postage stamp on 5 September 1972, on the occasion of his birth centenary.
V. O. Chidambaram Pillai and his life events :

Valliappan Olaganathan Chidambaram Pillai (1872–1936), popularly known by his initials, V.O.C. (spelt Vaa. Oo.Ce in Tamil), also known as Kappalottiya Tamilan "The Tamil Helmsman", was a Tamil political leader. He was a disciple of Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

He launched the first indigenous Indian shipping service between Tuticorin and Colombo with the Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company, competing against British ships. At one time a member of the Indian National Congress, he was later charged with sedition by the British government and sentenced to life imprisonment; his barrister license was stripped.

Chidambaram established many institutions like Swadeshi Prachar Sabha, Dharmasanga Nesavu Salai, National Godown, Madras Agro-Industrial Society Ltd and Desabimana Sangam.

In response to the British India Steam Navigation Company's trade monopoly, Chidambaram started an Indian-owned shipping company. He registered the Swadeshi Shipping Company in October 1906. The capital of the company was ten lakh rupees. The number of shares was 40,000 and the face value of each share was Rs. 25/-.[5] Any Asian could become a share holder. The director of the company was Pandi Thurai Thevar, a Zamindar and the President of "Madurai Tamil Sangam". Janab Haji Mohammed Bakir Seit paid Rs. 200,000 for 8000 shares, which was the first capital for the Company.

In the beginning, the Company didn't own any ships, instead leasing them from Shawline Steamers Company. The B.I.S.N.C. pressured Shawline Steamers to cancel the lease; in response, Chidambaram leased a single large freighter from Sri Lanka. Realizing the need for the Swadeshi Shipping Company to own its own vessels, Chidambaram travelled around India selling shares in the company to raise capital. He vowed, "I will come back with Ships. Otherwise I will perish in the sea". He managed to secure sufficient funds to purchase the company's first ship, the S.S. Galia;[6] shortly afterwards they were able to acquire the S.S. Lavo from France.

In response to the new competition, the B.I.S.N.C. reduced the fare per trip to Re.1 (16 annas) per head. Swadeshi company responded by offering a fare of Re.0.5 (8 Annas). The British company went further by offering a free trip to the passengers plus a free umbrella; however, nationalist sentiment meant that the free service was underused. The B.I.S.N.C. attempted to buy out Chidambaram, but he refused the deal.

The ships commenced regular service between Tuticorin and Colombo (Sri Lanka), against opposition from British traders and the Imperial Government.

Source :