Friday, December 31, 2010

Where to buy stamps from

The simple answer to to the above question is Post office ,but now there are many other options available to purchase stamps. Today we will discuss what are the different methods are available for buying stamps.

  1. Buy Stamps at The Local Post Office 
  2. Buy Stamps from The Official Website of the country 
  3. Buy Stamps from Ebay
  4. Buy Stamps From Zazzle (print stamps)
  5. Buy Stamps from various Sites available online.
  6. Buy or Exchange from Friends / fellow collectors
  7. Buy from ATM (some countries have this facility)
  8. Buy from Service counter/grocery stores eg: Walmart etc.
  9. Buy from Philatic Dealers.
  10. Buy from various Auction Site
There might be some more ways to buy stamps ,do let me know if i have missed any ,will surely added to the list.
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