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Heritage - The Ships New Zealand Post

This issue titled "The Ships" was another in the 'Heritage ' stamp series leading up to the 1990 150th anniversary celebrations in New Zealand

 The stamps were a salute to the vessels that brought Polynesian voyagers, settlers and the other immigrants that determined our ancestry.  From voyaging canoes to steamships, these craft carried the first New Zealanders through unchartered waters to an unseen landfall across the world.

Details of the stamp 

Voyaging Canoe - 40c 

Early Polynesian double-hulled canoes voyaged from Hawaiki to Aotearoa about 1000 years ago.  As well as carrying up to 60 people, these large canoes would carry such things as provisions, plants, seed tubers, pigs, dogs and fowl. 

Endeavour - 50c 

In 1769, the 'Endeavour', under the command of Captain James Cook, sailed into Poverty Bay for an historic landfall.  Purchased by the British Navy for Cook, 'Endeavour' was not a fast ship, but had the advantage for such unknown voyages of being able to be careened and beached easily for repairs.  Refitted after Cook's voyage, 'Endeavour' was eventually sold by the British Navy in 1775

Tory - 60c 

On 5 April 1839, the 'Tory' was commissioned to carry the advance party of English settlers to New Zealand.  Thirty five passengers, including Charles Heaphy and Edward Jerningham Wakefield were among those on the 96 day voyage.

Crusader - 80c

Between 1871 and 1897, 'Crusader' made 28 return voyages between England and New Zealand.  Built of iron, she once carried immigrants to our shores in a remarkable 65 days.

Edwin Fox - $1.00 

Built of solid teak, the 'Edwin Fox', with 140 immigrants on board, first landed at Lyttelton in 1873.  A true 'survivor', she sailed the world for 32 years and led an eventful life. 

Arawa - $1.50 

Launched in 1884, the 'Arawa' was considered one of the most beautiful steamships ever built.  A very fast vessel, she could average 14 knots and on her second voyage to New Zealand, she established an around the world record.

This is a very beautiful set of stamps of New Zealand.Looking at acquiring this set.

Source :NZ Post

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