Friday, July 30, 2010

India - Scott #43 A24 - 4a6p green - Queen Victoria -Rangoon Cancel

Hi All.

Those who are closely following my blog may be wondering why i have put up the above stamp in the blog since nothing to do with ships . 

I have published this article since i also collect British commonwealth countries stamps too apart from ship stamps.

Also i thought of sharing the information behind the stamp which was provided to me by Mr Sark from England.

The stamp featured is of India Queen Victoria Four anna Six pence with a Rangoon cancel.

Information :

The postmark is RANGOON CANTT Squared circle.It is recorded used between 31-10-1889 and 31-10-1894. The second T in CANTT is smaller than the other letters and has two full stops horizontally next to each other below the letter, hence why it looks a little like an "I". CANTT is short for Cantonment. This office was sanctioned 16 Sept 1869 and closed in 1942. Re-opened after the war on 1 Dec 1945.

The mark has ref number KD6 in Ted Proud's excellent book on BURMA Postal History. This is one of a series of one country books on postal history.
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