Saturday, July 17, 2010

India - INS Brahmaputra -Special Cover

Recently received the INS Brahmaputra the special cover which was released on the occasion of commissioning of the ship at Calcutta, the first Indian Naval ship of the millennium.

The wonderful special cover and the cancellation were designed by Sekhar Chakrabarti when he was in service with Garden Reach Shipbuilders Engineers Ltd. a CPSU under the Ministry of Defence.Thanks to Mr. Sekhar Chakrabarti for sending the special cover.

This cover is also special in a way since it bears the autograph of Captain Pradeep Chauhan, Commanding Officer of INS Brahmaputra at time of commissioning.

Commissioned into Indian Naval service on 14 April 2000, she is the first of the Brahmaputra Class of guided-missile frigates.

The Brahmaputra is the second ship of the Indian Navy named for the River Brahmaputra. The first vessel of the name was a Type 41, Leopard class frigate that was commissioned in 1958. The symbol of the INS Brahmaputra is 'The Raging Rhino', for the one-horned rhino native to the Brahamaputra valley

INS Brahmaputra is the lead ship of her class of guided missile frigates of the Indian Navy. She was built at the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE), Kolkatta.

The design and construction of the ship is entirely Indian, and is a modification of the Godavari class of frigates. It is fitted with an array of modern sensor suites and matching weapon systems.

Information related to the stamp on the special cover:

The brahmaputra cover is affixed with Capt Mulla's stamp, only naval officer to appear on stamp.Capt. Mulla, MVC made a supreme sacrifice and went down with his ship INS Khukri in 1971 war with Pakistan .INS Khukri was a British Blackwood class Frigate.

Information related to stamp provided by  Mr.Sekhar Chakrabarti.

Thanks Shekharji for all the inputs .Appreciate you in depth knowledge.

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