Thursday, March 15, 2012

100 years railway ferry Sassnitz-Trelleborg

A beautiful stamp was released by Germany Post on 100 years of railway ferry Sassnitz-Trelleborg
Check in the details of the stamp:
In 1875 the Swedish town of Trelleborg has been connected to the Swedish railway network. Sassnitz in 1889 before the construction of a fishing harbor and protection was begun. Two years later the railway connection. Thus the stage was set to design a road connection between Sweden and Germany on the shortest route across the Baltic Sea. On 6 Opened in July 1909, the rail ferry. 1933 began the electric train operations between Trelleborg and Malmö. In 1936 the opening of the Rügen dam caused a further improvement of the traffic route to Sweden. In 1958 the new Swedish ferry "Trelleborg" on his service. A year later the German state railway, the railway ferry "Sassnitz" in operation. Until 1989, passenger traffic moving on the line in the narrow limits, due to travel restrictions for East Germans and checks for foreigners. Freight traffic reached soon, despite growing competition the prewar level. To meet these requirements, procured the "Swedish State Railways" and the "German Reichsbahn" bigger and more powerful ferries. From 1998 to use the ferry to Trelleborg and the island of Bornholm in the new ferry port Sassnitz-Mukran. For the traditional Scandinavian market specifically created a new ferry terminal. Thus began a new chapter in Sassnitz - Trelleborg. 
Source: Germany Post
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