Sunday, February 19, 2012

Aland - Fisherman's life at sea

This Miniature Sheet/ Stamp features the fisherman life at sea,though this is on my theme of collection ,but it closely relates to my theme as fishing is done in the seas for which boats are used.

Part two of the Nordic series the North by the Sea features the actual life at sea. Åland's contribution to the series shows professional fishermen trawling from a fishing boat. Since the dawn of time, fishing has been an important Åland industry.
Originally, small-scale fishing was mainly conducted for domestic consumption, but fishing for sale or exchange for principally cereals soon developed. Baltic herring long dominated fishing. In older times, pike and trout, which were mostly fished by seine and hoop net, were the most important types of fish in addition to Baltic herring. From the Middle Ages until Sweden restricted the import of live fish in the 1950s, they were delivered by well-boats and sold primarily in Stockholm.

Source: Aland Post

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