Sunday, January 2, 2011

USA - Liberty Ships

The feature stamp on this riveting handpainted cover by Hobby Maestro Fred Collins is the PO's 1991 50 Year Anniversary of World War II - Events from 1941 - Liberty Ships Launched stamp.

Liberty Ships Launched - it was on Sepember 27, 1941, when  the first Liberty Ships were launched. A project given to the U.S. Merchant Marines, their purpose was to deliver troops, food, ammuniation, gasoline, weaponry, etc., to our fighting forces in both the Atlantic and the Pacific theaters of war. Having to brave hostile waters, teeming with German U-boats, submarines, destroyers, and overhead bombers, their roles in the ultimate United States' victory in World War II was undeniable.

On his riveting, handpainted cachet, we see a vulnerable Liberty Ship having just been detected by an enemy sub, with the likelihood of an advancing torpedo imminent.

INTERESTING TIDBIT # 1 : The very first Liberty Ship launched was christened the U.S.S. Partick Henry, in commemoration of Patrick Henry's memorable words spoken before the Virginia Convention in the days leading up to the Revolutionary war : "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.

INTERESTING TIDBIT # 2 : Some former mariners of the Merchant Marinee who went on to achieve celebrity status are Peter Falk ( of Columbo fame ), folk singer Woodie Gutherie, author Jack Kerouac, and even the great actor, Carroll O'Connor ( aka, Archie Bunker from ground-breaking sitcom, All in the Family ).
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