Friday, October 29, 2010

Marshall Island - History's Great Sailing Ships.

 Marshall Islands Postal Service issued 12 new stamps celebrating History's Great Sailing Ships On April 2, 2008.

A century ago, the billowing sails of clipper and packet ships were regularly sighted off the shores of nations around the globe. Magnificent ships such as these changed the world. They narrowed oceans, brought peoples and nations together and created a sharp dividing line between past and future. These mighty vessels carried immigrants and their dreams to new worlds and delivered vital materials to growing nations, encouraging trade between all four corners of the globe. The beauty and grace with which they sailed the seas held anyone fortunate enough to see them in awe. Nothing quite compared to the sight of a clipper ship, her sails flickering against blue water, effortlessly propelled by invisible breezes to some exotic port of call. Featuring artwork by legendary marine artist Charles Lundgren, the stamps show twelve of the most magnificent ships ever to sail the seas. 

The ships displayed are  :

(01) HMS Victory
(02) La Grande Hermine
(03) USS Constitution
(04) Fram
(05) Tovarisch I
(06) Ark and Dove
(07) Rainbow
(08) Great Republic
(09) HMS Resolution
(10) La Dauphine
(11) Kruzenshtern
(12)Golden Hind
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